Weekly WIN Podcast 001 – Show notes

  1. China and the World Bank attempt to stymie the growth of Bitcoin.





  • China’s centralized economy suffers with de-centralized currencies.
    • This allows less wealthy Chinese upward mobility, which also hurts the central economy.
  • Crypto currency mining being attacked for environmental concerns is just the World Bank trying to strike back.
  • Crypto mining can help a new generation of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Crypto prices may rebound to previous highs, but they could also crash back to pennies.
  • The big Central Banks don’t like Bitcoin for the upward mobility it provides, watch for future efforts to ban crypto.
  1. Rising attacks on religion and traditional values. People don’t understand traditional values or religion.


  • The bill states that children shouldn’t be shown lgbt content, unless the parents consent.
    • This bill passed to a count of 157-1, showing the unity of the government in this issue.
  • As a secondary effect, it is anti-lgbt.
  • Eastern Europe is slowly becoming a bastion of freedom.
  • The EU are arguing against it claiming it’s anti freedom of expression, this is somewhat ironic coming from France and other EU nations.
  • Football, the Euros, Germany wanted to display pride colors, UAEF (please check this Tim!) responded by saying no, then claiming the pride flag stands for their core values.
  • EU is in chaos, there is great disunity between Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Eastern Europe is uniquely qualified to warn the U.S. about these policies.
  1. Administration Failures.



  • Biden is trending on Twitter, this is breaking news at the time. He is recorded as whispering his responses at least twice.
  • Executive is failing, he has no friends to help him right now as his coalition of voters demand action.
  • Senate is stonewalling him, Senators Manchin, Sinema, and Feinstein have defended the Republic admirably.
  • Ronny Jackson saying Biden should submit for cognitive test as constituents see his mental decline.
  • People are losing faith in the Executive to pass his signature legislation.
  • Tim’s predictions for 2022.
  1. Rising Inflation, Job Loss, and People Quitting.





  • U.S. still experiencing a massive labor shortage in many industries.
  • May jobs report missed the intended amount by 100k.
  • Government thinks inflation is just a number. We are at 5% inflation now.
  • Inflation is an artificial reduction in spending power, effectively you lose some of your economic productivity.
  • Larry Summers, top economist for Clinton and Obama administrations, says economy is going to “overheat”.
  • Upwards of 40% of people are thinking about quitting their job, unemployment benefits outweigh working.
  • Police and medical workers are quitting, is it because their jobs suck? Or are they drastically underappreciated?
  1. At least 150 hospital workers from Houston Methodist Hospital have resigned or been fired.


  • I’m sad to see this taking place, but it’s also happening in Washington DC and Maryland.
  • Is this a question of Freedom of Choice, or is it ethical for the Hospital to make this request?
  • Watch the decline rate of police, EMT, nurses, doctors, etc.
  1. Oklahoma fighting the good fight against CV-19.



  • The State reopened quite early and has reported no large increase in cases, even to current time.
  • This shows that responsible adults understand their world better. Lockdowns have clearly been negative, it’s time to put an end to them.

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