Weekly WIN 002 – Weekly Western Information & News

  1. News with China, Hong Kong and the Uighurs.



  • China’s internal issues.
  • Hong Kong, their fight for democracy, and authoritarian laws being passed.
  • Uighur slave camps have been detected.
  1. Democrats are shocked by reality, and quickly move to deflect blame.




  • Racial minorities don’t want a reduced police force.
  • Many Americans in general don’t want a reduced police force.
  • AOC is looking to cripple Puerto Rico, and her rebuttal to Abuela’s gofundme.
  • Biden administration is now claiming that republicans want to defund police, Biden ran on a platform of strengthening police. Jen Psaki clip in here.
  1. The Federal government’s efforts in spying, as well as their general corrupt way of doing business. Voting machines may not be as secure as once claimed.



  • Biden’s tweet, literally amounting to 16 cents of effort.
  • The NSA and Tucker Carlson.
  • Approval rating of Biden, and the IRS.
  • SCOTUS helping the conservative cause with voting laws/voting & machines in general.
  • NYC has issues in their election.
  • Discrepancy between “safe, secure elections of the West” and the NYC voting disaster.

Short Topic 1: TL being stupid




  • Team Liquid’s origins.
  • News story where the team promotes a pride talk instead of a major event.
  • The prerogative of companies and individuals to use their platform however they wish.

Short Topic 2: Trump joins New Tech



  • New Tech sites & explanation.
  • Benefits of Trump being on a site like Rumble.
  • Effects on the legacy media.
  • Biden’s WH YouTube channel is floundering compared to Trump’s Rumble account. (Now has 1 million views on his first video)
  1. Freedom and stuff, 4th of July weekend.
  • What does the 4th of July mean to you?
  • The Declaration of Independence.
  • The Constitution.
  • Alexander Hamilton.
  • Book recommendations.

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