Weekly WIN 006 – Show notes

Legal news:

  • Mississippi asks SCOTUS to review Roe v. Wade.


  • European poll finds this to be mainstream outside of America.


  • Biden’s DOJ rejects the idea of doing their job.





  • SCOTUS rules the eviction moratorium illegal and punts it back to Congress. It is allowed to remain until July 31st, when it expires.
  • Senate advances the infrastructure bill.


Olympics/Sports news:

  • Ratings have plummeted in this year’s Olympics.



  • Woke Influence




  • America wins gold after Simone Biles leaves. This raises the question, is she a great and brave athlete?


  • Athletes just generally being unlikeable.


Global news:

  • Hong Kong pro-democracy protester is arrested, and convicted. This is the first case of the kind.


  • China is potentially building its nuclear stockpile, and demands the US to stop opposing socialism, as well as China’s territorial ambitions.
  • German chemical complex exploded, officials urged citizens to stay indoors.
  • Myanmar experiences flooding amidst their issues with a coup and the coronavirus
  • The Australian government enlists the help of the army to administer the CV-19 vaccine.

Democratic Party infighting:

  • Economists are now pushing back against the Biden admin’s claims on economic policy.
    • Wage increases? Not so fast.


  • Unemployment benefits actually kept people from finding work, says Fed Chairman Powell.


  • Nancy Pelosi tells the nation Joe Biden doesn’t have the unilateral power of debt forgiveness?


  • Kyrsten Sinema stands alone against the democrats, courageously questioning her party in the process.


  • Lunatic tax czar Elizabeth Warren takes aim at Jeff Bezos renewing calls for a wealth tax, as well as a crackdown of cryptocurrency.



Ken side topic – don’t give in to the woke mob. Woke is losing the battle, look at Biden’s approval.

  • Don’t surrender to the woke losers. Don’t care about them hurling insults at you.
  • Look around you, everyone is waking up from the black pill and the woke crowd are starting to lose their control.
  • Biden’s approval.
    • 90%+ of Republicans support Trump, at least 30% of independents don’t support Biden, and at least 30% of democrats don’t support Biden. Going by a 40/20/40 split and if my numbers are within 10% margin of error, Biden’s approval isn’t higher than 40 or 50 points. You can tell because his disapproval rose 9 points in 6 months, nearing 50%. No modern president will ever achieve a 60%+ approval.
  • Don’t give up hope, go out and make a change in your community, no matter how small.

Tim side – Wokesters vs PC gamers

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