The (D)ifference in Politics – Show Notes

The (D)ifference in America:

  • Don’t compare Trump to Biden and don’t ask Jen Psaki hard questions.

  • Trump vs. Biden on the border, and our allies opinions of us.

  • Milley admits Pelosi attempted to usurp power from President Trump.

  • Kamala Harris shows her bigotry.

  • Democrats claim they fought for schools in Virginia elections. Also, parents shouldn’t be a part of the education process.

  • Biden’s border patrol is crucified for a misunderstanding, and the intelligence community actually did let Biden know about Afghanistan.

  • Don Lemon asserts Republicans are to blame for the administration’s failures, despite having no clear majority in Congress, as well as a shaky Supreme Court.

A New SCOTUS Term Approaches:

  • 5-4 or 6-3 majority?
  • Abortion case from Mississippi regarding the 2018 law banning abortion after 15 weeks. Set to be decided on December 1st.
  • New York 2A case where SCOTUS could find NY’s special need clause for permits is unconstitutional.
  • The Court will also decide on the exclusion of religious schools from taxpayer funds paying tuition for some families.
  • Finally, a case out of Harvard could give the Court a chance to reverse an earlier SCOTUS ruling allowing colleges to consider race when evaluating applications.

Things that make you go “hmmmm”:

  • Dollar Store raises prices.

  • China forbids outsiders to Beijing Olympics.

  • Some democrats want to mint a $1 Trillion platinum coin.

  • Putin supposedly hired an attractive female to distract Trump.

  • Greta Thunberg finally realizes why governments and corporations don’t care about what she thinks.
  • Other stories.

The Weekly Win vs. Dan Crenshaw:

Democrats plans are failing due to lack of in party support, as well as no republican support:

  • Comrade Sanders forgets how the Senate is composed and incorrectly asserts that 48 Senators constitutes a majority.

  • Chad DeSantis scares leftists by providing incentives to private schooling.

  • Biden meets with Congress, but ultimately gains nothing.

  • The Department of Commerce will stop endorsing lawmakers who vote for the spending bill.

  • Misc. news on the $3.5 Trillion spending bill.

Tim side topic:

Ken side topic:

AEW and WWE. WWE’s Joe Gacy segment & backlash.

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