WIN Short 008 – Sports v Esports

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Episode 005 show notes

Domestic issues: U.S. officials targeted in a Havana Syndrome attack? Legacy media contributor Brian Stelter admits they work with the democratic coalition. The prosecutor on Hunter Biden’s case rejected taking actions against him. The Pentagon keeps track of certain web searches, and the FBI foiled… the FBI’s plot against GovernorContinue reading “Episode 005 show notes”

Weekly WIN 004 – Show notes

U.S. neighbors to the South are rebelling, South Africa updates, U.S. democrats face intense backlash, and new issues surface with CV-19 vaccines. South Africa faces riots and unrest. Rioting in South Africa. Food prices are crippling in South Africa. Allegedly corrupt former President of South Africa turns himself in. Troops mobilize across Ethiopia toContinue reading “Weekly WIN 004 – Show notes”

Weekly WIN 003 – Chaos in Canada and Haiti Show Notes

Critical Race Theory is in schools with no sign of slowing down. Illinois school district “Privilege Walks”. Nation’s largest teacher’s union commits to, then doubles back on teaching CRT through the country. CRT proponents are claiming that CRT isn’t taught in schools, as well as those who criticize CRT are bullying teachers.Continue reading “Weekly WIN 003 – Chaos in Canada and Haiti Show Notes”